Discovering Lligwy Burial Chamber

Discovering Lligwy Burial Chamber

We have always wanted to explore the area around Lligwy. The wonderful lanes and footpaths guiding you back in time – and the spectacular views that make you stop suddenly and look carefully.

In a field, on the left-hand side of the road leading to Lligwy Beach, is Din Lligwy burial chamber. It is around 5,000 years old and dates to the Neolithic period or New Stone Age. The massive capstone sits above a natural fissure in the limestone rock and is estimated to weigh 25 tonnes. That’s a lot of weight to move without modern machinery. That’s dedication and you can’t fail to be affected by your surroundings. Excavations in 1908 revealed the bones of between 15 and 30 individuals — men, women and children. Animal bones and shells were also found, together with flint implements, a bone pin and pottery.

The style of decoration on the pottery indicates that the chamber was in use during the Neolithic and early Bronze Age periods. Now that took some thinking about. How often do we whizz through life without thinking about what went on in the exact spot you are standing in? Anglesey is incredibly interesting as well as beautiful and with our new love of cycling, and our obsession with footpaths, we can’t wait to explore her past. If you would like to stay in a dog friendly cottage near to Lligwy we would recommend Hen Tyn Y Mynydd.

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