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The Legend of Gelert

In the heart of magnificent walking country, and with views to stop you in your tracks, lies Beddgelert.

A picturesque stone-built village steeped in legend and the starting point of Wordsworth’s ascent up Snowdon.

Just a short walk south of the village, following a well-signed footpath, along the banks of the Glaslyn River you will come to Gelert’s Grave. Located in the most stunning scenery that will awaken your emotions and hold your attention hostage. Beddgelert is a beautiful village surrounded by nature in its rawest form, even on the rainiest of days you will feel at peace.

The Legend of Gelert

According to the legend of Gelert, Prince Llewelyn the Great lived here and was very fond of hunting. Gelert was his favourite hound, given to him by King John. One day the Prince and Princess went off hunting leaving their baby son in the care of Gelert.

Upon their return, they were horrified to see Gelert’s muzzle was covered in blood and their baby nowhere to be seen. The Prince, imagining the worst, drew his sword and killed his favourite hound. As Gelert fell to the ground he gave out a final yelp and the baby cried in response. There, hidden in the bushes, lay their baby son and next to him a large wolf Gelert had killed.

Honoured for Bravery

Prince Llewelyn was grief-stricken and, in honour of such bravery and loyalty, buried Gelert by the river. It is said that Prince Llewelyn never smiled again. Gelert is immortalised in the town’s name – Beddgelert or Gelert’s Grave. Beddgelert has been celebrated for years – immortalised in legends, by poets and artists.

The Beddgelert Dog Show 2019

Beddgelert has to be one of the most stunning locations for a dog show! The Beddgelert Dog Show has classes for hounds, terriers, lurchers and there’s even a dog gymkhana. Have a look at their Facebook page for more information. We may not be entering Diggle this year but we know he’d nail the ice cream eating class if they open that one up next year! Just a thought…

Where to stay

If you are lucky enough to be staying in Padarn or Dolbadarn then visiting Beddgelert couldn’t be easier. Travelling from Llanberis to Beddgelert on the A498 you will follow the course of the Glaslyn, passing two stunning lakes – Llyn Dinas and Llyn Gwynant. Picnics at the ready as you won’t wish to do this journey without stopping just “to be in the moment”.

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